The Complexity Leadership Centre (CLCentre) was established to bring greater attention to the scientific work occurring in the field of Complexity Leadership in order to further enhance its practical integration into organisations in the way they lead and how they do business. 

The steps to integration are:

  1. Inform - garner interest in Complexity Leadership by sharing information, answering questions and conducting research and evaluation

  2. Collaborate – partner with researchers and businesses to ensure Complexity Leadership principles are interpreted and utilised to greatest value in the workplace

  3. Educate – impart knowledge, understanding and skills through courses, resources and events

  4. Integrate – ensure behavioural and attitudinal change occurs in alignment with business and customer needs and on a sustainable basis at all levels for all people with consideration for the wider community and the environment

  5. Review – evaluate and evolve as learning and experience develops and systems change


Maree McKeown, Director

BBSc(hons), DipEd, ICF PCC

Maree has been a specialist consultant in leadership development for the past 18 years coaching, facilitating, training, speaking, researching and writing and has a passion (some would say obsession) with Complexity Leadership.

Nicolas Delhorbe, IT Guru

BBus – GradCert Sus - Dip FinMarket - Carbon Accounting & Bayesian Networks course

Nicolas has travelled the world and picked up many skills along the way. Apart from keeping everything up and running at CLCentre, he is also a dab hand at whipping up a delicious lunch.

Sarah Mansfield, Online Business Support

Sarah has worked remotely and flexibly with many businesses and has dutifully supported Maree for over three years without needing to put a foot outside her door.


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