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Unravelling the role of leadership in motivation of health workers in a Moroccan public hospital: a realist evaluation, 2019

Zakaria Belrhiti Wim Van Damme Abdelmounim Belalia Bruno Marchal


Complexity leadership theory: An interactive perspective on leading in complex adaptive systems, 2006, Management Department Faculty Publications

Authors: Benyamin B. Lichtenstein, Mary Uhl-Bien, Russ Marion, Anson Seers, James Douglas Orton, and Craig Schreiber


Complexity leadership theory: Shifting leadership from the industrial age to the knowledge era

M Uhl-Bien, R Marion, B McKelvey, The leadership quarterly 2007


Changing the rules: The implications of complexity science for leadership research and practice. 2012 James K. Hazy, Mary Uhl-Bien


Is Complexity Leadership Theory Complex Enough? A critical appraisal, some modifications and suggestions for further research

Dennis Tourish 2018


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